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Paleo Functional Fitness is all about getting fit, burning calories and having fun. So whether you just want to lose a few pounds or in training for the next Tough Mudder, come and join the Tribe, get fit and have fun!

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What we offer at PALEO FITNESS


Functional Fitness Bootcamps. Cardio, strength and movement in a fun circuit style workout.

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Base Camp

Basecamp is a class perfect for beginners; new to fitness or the gym in general. For those wanting to take that first step but unsure where to start and need a bit of guidance.

Basecamp will teach you the basics and develop your strength and fitness from scratch.

You are welcome to stay at Basecamp for as long as you like; although as you gain confidence in your abilities you may wish to progress to Bootcamp and push yourself that bit further.

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Fitness Racing

Fitness racing is a sport which tests an athlete's all-round athletic ability . Athletes undergo training based on strength, power, agility, balance, flexibility, strength endurance, speed, coordination and cardiovascular endurance.

In our fitness racing classes you will be taught a variety of movements and skills that will test your strength, power, agility, speed, gymnastic ability and cardiovascular endurance.

Fitness Racing is a sport you can compete in if you wish to push to that level or you can take part recreationally.

If you like strength training but also want to mix it up with some fitness and challenge yourself Fitness Racing is the one for you.

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Something for Everyone. Relax. Have Fun. Workout.

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