Our Prices & Memberships

Paleo Fitness has different payment options to make it easier and cheaper for you, especially if you are wanting to train multiple times a week.

Two Classes per week & Open Gym

£40.00 Per Month

  • Any 2 Classes per week
  • Choose From CrossFit, Crossfit Gymnastics, Barbell Club, Tribal circuit  or CrossFit Cardio
  • Unlimited Open Gym & access to daily workouts and strength program

Monthly Unlimited - 12 Month Contract

£55.00 Per Month

  • Unlimited classes
  • All classes including CrossFit, CrossFit Gymnastics,Tribal Circuit, Barbell Club and CrossFit Cardio
  • Open Gym Sessions
  • No Sign-up Fee

Pay as you Train

£8.00 Per Day

  • Only £8 per day
  • Unlimited classes in one day
  • All classes including CrossFit, Tribal Circuits, Barbell Club and CrossFit Gymnastics
  • Open Gym Sessions

Open Gym Only

£30.00 Per Month

  • Unlimited Open Gym Sessions
  • Fully Equipped Gym
  • Access to daily workouts and strength program

Discounts available for couples and members who work for the NHS or other Services

Something for Everyone. Relax. Have Fun. Workout.

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